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First United Methodist Church focuses on member care and evangelizing to people outside of our church. Please click on a title below to learn more about that particular ministry.

“Learning and growing on Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:30pm:

Kids group

Renew Youth Ministry

Adult Bible study

Men’s group

Women’s group

ReNEW Student Ministries is built on the foundation of the first part of Isaiah 40:31 “But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength.” We provide students the opportunity to be renewed by God in a real, life changing way. This is made possible in worship, teaching and making sense of the Bible, and by getting together for different events at the church or in the area.

We desire for God to use the ministry and gift of music to draw others closer to Him in our worship (Ps. 95:2).  This takes place through our praise and worship band, our church choir, consisting of youth and adults, children’s choir,
and other special music ministries. 



Jesus Christ and for the transformation of the world. It is the seeking by the Christian to bring others into a vital personal relationship with Christ. We educate our congregation about our church Mission and provide opportunities for them to respond locally and globally in ministry projects.


Our passion is to share the love of Jesus to children and help them develop and grow in their relationship with Him. Our VBS serves as our main event, along with our Palm Sunday potluck/egg hunt and the purchase of bibles for the third-grade class. Our passion is to share the love of Jesus with children and help them develop and grow in their relationship with Him.  This is done by involving them in the Young Disciples Time during Sunday morning worship, and through our Wed. evening classes.  Each fall, third graders are presented with their own Bibles, and families with newborns receive an early Bible storybook.   The last week of July is dedicated to Vacation Bible School, which draws children from throughout the community.  Family activities, such as the traditional Palm Sunday potluck and egg hunt, are organized throughout the year.


The purpose of the Caring Committee is to build up all persons who are part of the Clinton First United Methodist Church family, from the very youngest to the very oldest and ministering to the specific needs of members.  The Caring Committee will strive to be the hands, heart, and feet of Jesus.

We are sheepdogs, companions to shepherds and protectors of the flock.  Our fundamental calling is to support and protect the Church; to aid pastors in watching over their congregations (Acts 20:28), to safeguard lives and property, to maintain order; and to be an instrument for Peace and Security so all people may gather in Jesus’ name to pray, worship and study in a sanctuary of safety and security (Ps. 5:11).

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